Unlocking the potential of iPhone apps that can enhance your productivity

The smartphones are a revolution that has captured the soul of millions of people. The advance in technology and growth in the number of internet users, directly reflects what status does the little mobile is having in today’s world. From home to office, the device is a perfect companion useful to solve many day to day activities. The addition of apps to the iPhone makes it a more productive device, which can take off a lot of burden from our shoulders and make our jobs simpler. Below is a list of apps that can improve the productivity of the workforce.

1) To-Do-List– An app that can connect with other apps, and keeps complete track of the project that needs to be addressed on a priority basis. The beautifully designed app helps in managing the work schedule efficiently. The app can be great for group collaborations and has the capability to sync automatically across all devices. The free tool is surely a savior for acknowledging projects on time.

2) Slack– Being in touch with your work group is important at all times, and if you have Slack in your device, staying connected will never be an issue. The conversation feature of the app works both in private and group setup. The best part is that you can send documents, as it can integrate with Google docs and Drop box. Moreover, it also supports images and GIF’s in your chat and all that for free.

3) Asana– Keeping track of work progress is a task in itself. Asana is the simplest way for teams to check on the work and acknowledge the results. It is a powerful tool that is designed to track multiple emails threads, projects and conversations under a single head. The app can be used to allocate projects, give work to team members, assign deadlines, follow-ups and even raise requests. This enables ease of task and helps the business to check on the projects efficiently. The free app allows the creation of groups up to 15 people.

4) Google Drive– When we talk about business, it also means that a lot of sharing has to take place between various levels of the organization. The cloud storage service of Google is hard to miss, as it helps in the collaboration with the Google infrastructure. The app allows simple file sharing along with upload and download of files. It also enables collaboration and file sharing among users. The free app aids in viewing and sharing of all PDF’s, images and videos across all iPhone’s.

5) Paper by FiftyThree– In an official setup, taking notes carries a lot of importance, before paper use to get that work done, but now you have Paper by FiftyThree. The free app is a very useful tool that eases the pain of jotting down notes. It enables easy capturing of notes, creating checklists, making diagrams, importing pictures, sketching and more. Moreover, the app allows the easy exportation of notes in presentations and PDF formats. The easy app allows formatting and creating lists that can be viewed in no time with a touch of fun to it.

Manage your glucose level through technology

The rise in the number of patients suffering from Diabetes has made it a severe area of concern. The sedentary lifestyle of people across the globe has contributed extensively to its rise. It is slowly engulfing a large population, and only timely intervention and care can prevent its complications. Technology has always aided in easing the stress out of mankind. A disease like diabetes needs regular monitoring in terms of activity, food, medicine, and blood glucose levels. The lack of care can make it worse with severe complications like kidney failure, heart problems, and blindness. It is due to this, a variety of apps have been developed to help people overcome this deadly disease and lead a healthy life.

People suffering from Diabetes often suffer from thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision, weight changes and tiredness. All these situations, require due care which includes active lifestyle, proper medication, diet planning, medication, and insulin intake. The Android apps are being created keeping in mind the above symptoms so that treatment of people suffering from Type 2 diabetes can be made easier. Further, these apps also create a communication medium between your health care provider and yourself.

Some of the popular diabetes app includes:

1) GoMeals – Having a proper diet is very vital to managing diabetes. The GoMeals app allows knowing the calorie count of a dish, fat content and carbohydrate content of the meal. It defines the portion size that will be appropriate. This app can act as a guide to know the exact detail of a particular food item, when having a meal in restaurants or when buying food. The Android app, when linked with Fitbit, can help you in acknowledging your calorie intake and calorie burnt.

2) Glooko – The Android app is a revolutionary way to monitor all your diabetes numbers in one place. The application is designed to keep a log of your medicine intake, carbohydrates consumed, and the details of your lifestyle. It collaborates all data from various sugar monitoring devices and trackers to give a true picture of your health. The creation of graphs and charts enables the user to know the status of blood glucose levels in real time, acknowledge trends and comparison with previous levels. Further, the app allows sharing of the personal medical details with doctors.

3)Glucosio – The free android app with a pink background is designed to reach out to people suffering from both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The app allows monitoring of important parameters like weight, cholesterol, A1C, blood pressure and much more. Patients can set targets for themselves and monitor their progress. The app even does data sharing with permission to researchers. All data can be saved on Google drive and shared with others through the app.

4) MyNetDiary PRO – The app is beneficial for weight management. The free Android app aids in understanding the kind of food and keeping a track of your eating habits. The technology allows setting target for weight management, the addition of meal chart and exercising habits in the food diary. The patient receives customized tips based on the data entered. The app is known to have largest, updated and verified food information on their platform. It allows daily track of blood glucose levels, weight, medicine and more. The app allows collaborating with other devices and creation of budget in terms of protein, carbohydrates and protein intake. The app runs an online community in collaboration with a registered dietician who can answer all your concerns pertaining to diabetes management.

5) Diabetes Recipe App – Healthy food is a key to monitoring a healthy insulin level. This app suggests weekly recipes which can be customized for a diabetes patient. The patient has the privilege to save and rate the favorite dishes, based on a number of calories and carbohydrates along with the cooking time.

Forza Horizon 3 – The Ultimate Racing Game

The Forza series

The Forza Horizon 3 the latest in the Forza series from Playground Games is published by Microsoft Studios for their Xbox one gamer range as well as for Microsoft Windows. This is the ninth in the Forza series and is a top racing video game. The game, though still young (it was released only in September 2016), is hugely popular and much in demand among the gaming enthusiasts.

The theme

This is a racing game that is set in the open world environment with fictional Australia as the backdrop. It includes various exciting locales such as Surfers Paradise, Yarra Valley, Byron Bay, Blizzard Mountain and of course, the Outback. The players are allowed to take part and compete in events throughout the world. The events range from races, drifting, time trials or bucket list challenges.

A specific car and task is assigned to a player during a bucket list challenge and the task may be time bound. Players can also collect currency or vehicle upgrade discounts by driving over billboards throughout the game. Even otherwise one can purchase vehicles and upgrades from the festival sites of the game. A mind boggling 350 cars are available to the player to choose from.

The options

The game can be played in single or multi player mode. It comes with a larger map making it easy and also makes available customization kits like Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk. The player is the director the festival and is allowed to hire or fire drivers for their racing team.

Many things about the player can be customized like the style or ethnicity as also the car paint and design. Players receive barn find notifications as they progress in the game and the mechanics restore this barn find for use by the player.

Turn 10 Studios Drivatar technology is made use of by Forza Horizon 3 as was the case in previous versions of Xbox One Forza games. It also features a four player co-operative multiplayer campaign as well as cross-platform play, which is as per the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

While gamers love it, even critics have acclaimed the game for its good dynamics, the sheer amount of activities, a wide variety of car choices, the multiple challenges and the tools to control them. The Australian landscape as backdrop only adds to the gamers’ absolute delight while deftly negotiating the turns. The terrain and the beautiful scenery keep you engaged along with the twists and turns.

Top 5 gaming apps

Mobile games are easy and fun. Whenever we are bored or maybe waiting for someone etc. these games come in handy. They help us pass our time and enjoy ourselves. But which game is the best game? There are tons and tons of games available in the app store/play store that it can get really confusing. But fret not. We bring you the 5 best game apps for your phone. Read on to know more.

  1. Need for speed – Most wanted

Need for speed has been in the market for a very long time now and we are all familiar with the game. In this mobile app, an escaped convict is on the run from the police and his rivals. This app has more than 40 cars to choose from and you can modify them however you want. Racing is defiantly fun and the graphics of this game are excellent and it makes you feel it. So, just win races, escape and have fun in this game.


  1. Shadowrun Dragonfall – Director’s Cut

Developed by Harebrained Schemes, this game is set in a fantasy world. If you are someone who loves achieving targets, completing the given task etc. then this game is custom made for you. Set in a fantasy world called Shadowrun where there are elves, trolls and men who all live together in disharmony because of all the technological advancement, this game is super fun. You, as a player, will become the team leader for a group of shadowrunners to complete missions.


  1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Developed by Gameloft, we are all familiar with this game. With powerful graphics and a catchy storyline, this app is surely engaging.

The whole world is on the verge of ending and it is your duty to find that person who is responsible for this. Team up with players from all over the world and fight other teams in battles and simply enjoy yourself.

  1. Heroes and Castles

This game is brought to you by Foursaken Media. In this game, the undead horde is the one who has the power to defend the king and push away all the evil and negative forces. So, as a player you will be solely responsible when it comes to the king’s safety and you will have your own army.


  1. Bastion

This game is developed by Warner Bros and this is the story of a survivor who is trying to come in terms with what is left of his city and his attempts in rebuilding the city.


Cinema Box HD vs Show Box

Cinema Box and Show Box are applications that provide access to entertainment for free. These applications run on various devices like mobiles, PC and other hand held devices. These apps are especially useful for people who are used to watching their favourite TV shows or movies on their mobiles. The applications fully adhere to the principle of providing “entertainment anytime, anywhere”.

Cinema Box has been created by developers who have created Play box HD. The application can be run by using internet connection, either a wireless connection or the mobile data connection. This app gives you access to videos and movies of your choice. The application is user friendly.

Show box is another movie and videos streaming application for android users. This application allows users to watch movies of their choice in high definition. It also allows free access to movies and is easy to use.

There are many similarities between Cinema Box and Show Box. Both applications are free, easy to use and user friendly. Cinema Box HD and Show Box stream videos from one host only. Unlike in torrent, where bits and parts of a video are streamed from various hosts. This might lead to one host being an anti-piracy agent and thus creating trouble for you. Hence, it can be said that Cinema box  and Show Box are better and safer option to stream and watch movies and videos of your choice.

Recently, there have been some complaints from Show Box users of some errors appearing while using Show Box or the download taking a lot of time. Using Cinema Box HD instead is good alternative. It has many new features like:

  1. Viewing can be restricted by running the application in Kids mode. This feature works great for parents who can be assured that what their kids are watching is absolutely safe.
  2. Another great feature of this application is its subtitle feature. Now movie lovers can watch as many movies they want from around the world.
  3. The resolution can be changed with the many option given in the application.
  4. Application allows viewing in 15 languages.
  5. This application is safe from viruses hence fully secure and safe to use on your mobiles.
  6. Application has a built-in Chromecast support.

Cinema Box  and Show Box are both great apps which are very popular with users. Using a particular app is a personal choice and depends entirely upon what you are looking for in that application.