Cinema Box HD vs Show Box

Cinema Box and Show Box are applications that provide access to entertainment for free. These applications run on various devices like mobiles, PC and other hand held devices. These apps are especially useful for people who are used to watching their favourite TV shows or movies on their mobiles. The applications fully adhere to the principle of providing “entertainment anytime, anywhere”.

Cinema Box has been created by developers who have created Play box HD. The application can be run by using internet connection, either a wireless connection or the mobile data connection. This app gives you access to videos and movies of your choice. The application is user friendly.

Show box is another movie and videos streaming application for android users. This application allows users to watch movies of their choice in high definition. It also allows free access to movies and is easy to use.

There are many similarities between Cinema Box and Show Box. Both applications are free, easy to use and user friendly. Cinema Box HD and Show Box stream videos from one host only. Unlike in torrent, where bits and parts of a video are streamed from various hosts. This might lead to one host being an anti-piracy agent and thus creating trouble for you. Hence, it can be said that Cinema box  and Show Box are better and safer option to stream and watch movies and videos of your choice.

Recently, there have been some complaints from Show Box users of some errors appearing while using Show Box or the download taking a lot of time. Using Cinema Box HD instead is good alternative. It has many new features like:

  1. Viewing can be restricted by running the application in Kids mode. This feature works great for parents who can be assured that what their kids are watching is absolutely safe.
  2. Another great feature of this application is its subtitle feature. Now movie lovers can watch as many movies they want from around the world.
  3. The resolution can be changed with the many option given in the application.
  4. Application allows viewing in 15 languages.
  5. This application is safe from viruses hence fully secure and safe to use on your mobiles.
  6. Application has a built-in Chromecast support.

Cinema Box  and Show Box are both great apps which are very popular with users. Using a particular app is a personal choice and depends entirely upon what you are looking for in that application.