Forza Horizon 3 – The Ultimate Racing Game

The Forza series

The Forza Horizon 3 the latest in the Forza series from Playground Games is published by Microsoft Studios for their Xbox one gamer range as well as for Microsoft Windows. This is the ninth in the Forza series and is a top racing video game. The game, though still young (it was released only in September 2016), is hugely popular and much in demand among the gaming enthusiasts.

The theme

This is a racing game that is set in the open world environment with fictional Australia as the backdrop. It includes various exciting locales such as Surfers Paradise, Yarra Valley, Byron Bay, Blizzard Mountain and of course, the Outback. The players are allowed to take part and compete in events throughout the world. The events range from races, drifting, time trials or bucket list challenges.

A specific car and task is assigned to a player during a bucket list challenge and the task may be time bound. Players can also collect currency or vehicle upgrade discounts by driving over billboards throughout the game. Even otherwise one can purchase vehicles and upgrades from the festival sites of the game. A mind boggling 350 cars are available to the player to choose from.

The options

The game can be played in single or multi player mode. It comes with a larger map making it easy and also makes available customization kits like Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk. The player is the director the festival and is allowed to hire or fire drivers for their racing team.

Many things about the player can be customized like the style or ethnicity as also the car paint and design. Players receive barn find notifications as they progress in the game and the mechanics restore this barn find for use by the player.

Turn 10 Studios Drivatar technology is made use of by Forza Horizon 3 as was the case in previous versions of Xbox One Forza games. It also features a four player co-operative multiplayer campaign as well as cross-platform play, which is as per the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

While gamers love it, even critics have acclaimed the game for its good dynamics, the sheer amount of activities, a wide variety of car choices, the multiple challenges and the tools to control them. The Australian landscape as backdrop only adds to the gamers’ absolute delight while deftly negotiating the turns. The terrain and the beautiful scenery keep you engaged along with the twists and turns.