Unlocking the potential of iPhone apps that can enhance your productivity

The smartphones are a revolution that has captured the soul of millions of people. The advance in technology and growth in the number of internet users, directly reflects what status does the little mobile is having in today’s world. From home to office, the device is a perfect companion useful to solve many day to day activities. The addition of apps to the iPhone makes it a more productive device, which can take off a lot of burden from our shoulders and make our jobs simpler. Below is a list of apps that can improve the productivity of the workforce.

1) To-Do-List– An app that can connect with other apps, and keeps complete track of the project that needs to be addressed on a priority basis. The beautifully designed app helps in managing the work schedule efficiently. The app can be great for group collaborations and has the capability to sync automatically across all devices. The free tool is surely a savior for acknowledging projects on time.

2) Slack– Being in touch with your work group is important at all times, and if you have Slack in your device, staying connected will never be an issue. The conversation feature of the app works both in private and group setup. The best part is that you can send documents, as it can integrate with Google docs and Drop box. Moreover, it also supports images and GIF’s in your chat and all that for free.

3) Asana– Keeping track of work progress is a task in itself. Asana is the simplest way for teams to check on the work and acknowledge the results. It is a powerful tool that is designed to track multiple emails threads, projects and conversations under a single head. The app can be used to allocate projects, give work to team members, assign deadlines, follow-ups and even raise requests. This enables ease of task and helps the business to check on the projects efficiently. The free app allows the creation of groups up to 15 people.

4) Google Drive– When we talk about business, it also means that a lot of sharing has to take place between various levels of the organization. The cloud storage service of Google is hard to miss, as it helps in the collaboration with the Google infrastructure. The app allows simple file sharing along with upload and download of files. It also enables collaboration and file sharing among users. The free app aids in viewing and sharing of all PDF’s, images and videos across all iPhone’s.

5) Paper by FiftyThree– In an official setup, taking notes carries a lot of importance, before paper use to get that work done, but now you have Paper by FiftyThree. The free app is a very useful tool that eases the pain of jotting down notes. It enables easy capturing of notes, creating checklists, making diagrams, importing pictures, sketching and more. Moreover, the app allows the easy exportation of notes in presentations and PDF formats. The easy app allows formatting and creating lists that can be viewed in no time with a touch of fun to it.